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Show Rules

Falcon Productions requires compliance with, and obedience, to all applicable federal, state, and municipal firearms laws and ordinances within and in proximity to ANY Falcon Productions events. Further, Falcon Productions disclaims any liability for any of the acts of any participants, guests, or visitors at any Falcon Productions events which might be construed to violate any laws, ordinances, or regulations. It is the responsibility and obligation of each participant to maintain personal liability insurance and be familiar with all laws applicable to firearms and ammunition ant to abide by them at all Falcon events.

There will be NO loaded firearms, magazines in the building on tables, or on one persons, with exception of Law Enforcement and authorized security officers under contract with Falcon Productions.

There will be no bulk gunpowder or explosive bullets in the building without express permission of the promoter.

There will be no loose cartridges or loaded clips of any description near firearms.

Chemicals used to make explosive compounds are prohibited.

All Firearms will have their actions tied open.

All Magazines will be removed from the gun.

Flintlock, wheel lock and matchlock arms need not to be tied

Fully Automatic firearms other than those displayed by Law enforcement or military organizations, or parts to convert semiautomatic arms to fully automatic are prohibited.

Any extended bayonets attached to firearms must be scabbarded with no exceptions.

If a bayonet on a firearm has no scabbard, it shall either be folded or removed from the firearm.

All local, State, and Federal laws must be obeyed at all times.

Firearm sales to - or purchases from- persons prohibited by law from firearms ownership/possession are totally forbidden. 

Receipts will be checked at door when leaving.

When applicable, exhibitors must have sufficient Product Liability and Personal Injury Insurance.

Taking Photographs, videos or audiotaping is prohibited without permission from Falcon Productions LLC

No person under 18 years of age will be admitted to Falcon events unless accompanied by an adult, parent, or guardian, or Unless such person is a member of Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, Cadets, etc.

Falcon Productions and It's representatives accept no responsibility for conditions beyond their control.

Exhibitors who do NOT fulfill their reservation commitment or withdraw early from the shows, or who cancel table reservations within 14 days of event setup will forfeit all fees and be placed on “stand by” status for future shows.

Beginning of Fall 2019, event table assignment will be finalized prior to Vendor entry for setup.


Consideration will also be made for regional return vendors to obtain preferred table location upon prepayment of table fees, per request.

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